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The Films & Publications Act Series

The Films & Publications Act Series

What is the Films and Publications Act?

The Films & Publications Act is an official document from the South African Parliament, and was initially published in 1996. The videos published below are intended to provide clarity and guidance for those affected by the act. We also uncover The Films & Publications Amendment Act and what this means. Make sure you watch the videos in order to ensure your understanding throughout. 

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The first part of this series looks to provide a general understanding of the Films & Publications Act, how it can be accessed, and what it means to the average person in South Africa.


The second part of this series delves into the reason for the amendments to the Films & Publications Act and how these amendments will be implemented.

The third part of this series explains what the changes to the Films & Publications Act mean, and who will be affected by them.

The 4th part of this series looks into the first major amendment to the act, which deals with revenge pornography. We look into the definition of this, what the repercussions are if found guilty, and some other important points.

The 5th part of this series looks into the second major effect of the amendments which focuses on child pornography. We look at the definition of this, as well as why might have if one is found guilty of breaking this law.

The 6th part of this series looks at the 3rd and 4th major amendments of the act, which deals with hate speech as well as internet service providers. We unpack what the definitions of these topics are and how people involved may be affected.

The final part of this series looks at how content providers and online distributors are affected by the amendments and what exactly the Films & Publications Board is.

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