About Us

We are digital specialists,
with an innovative edge.

Farosian provides its partners with a unique advantage with insightful and usable social and digital data to make stronger decisions. We provide contextually comprehensive social media screening and audit reports for our clients, as well as the information and insight to better understand the maze of complexities present in the social media-driven world we all live in.

Additionally, our highly-qualified and dedicated team construct detailed and tailored policy design and training principles to help businesses navigate the ins and outs of social and digital media in a proactive manner. With years of experience, Anthropology Degrees and a passionate curiosity for social awareness and risk, Farosian brings emotional intelligence to an area of algorithms, noughts and ones.

We are objective purveyors of the truth – as told by data but seen from a human perspective.

Farhad Bhyat

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sinéad Frampton

Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Safeguarding the online presence
of your organisation in the digital age.