27 January 2021
Twitter Logo

Twitter Launches Birdwatch – What Is It?

Twitter recently launched a pilot program called Birdwatch. Let's see what it's all about.
22 February 2021
Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook

Facebook bans users from sharing news in Australia – Who is next?

Facebook bans users from sharing news in Australia - Who is next?
1 March 2021
The Films & Publications Act Series

What is the Films and Publications Act?

The first part of the series looks to provide a general understanding of the Films & Publications Act, how it can be accessed, and what it means to the average person.
17 March 2021
Rosi The RPA Robot

World, meet Rosi.

Here at Farosian HQ, we are ridiculously excited to announce the completion of a project which has been in the pipeline for the last 5 years – our very own robot, named Rosi.
16 April 2021
Image of Social Media Screening

What is Social Media Screening?

So, you are one of the 4.66 billion people to have at least one active social media account. What business do potential employers have screening your social media accounts and what are they looking for, or looking at?
1 June 2021
How to Protect Your Children on Social Media

Safe Social: How to Protect Your Children on Social Media

If used correctly, social media can benefit us hugely, but it also comes with certain risks which children need to be aware of when they begin using it themselves.
11 June 2021
Farosian Social Media Policy Design

Social Media Policy: How, What, & Why?

Farosian breaks down the importance of a social media policy, what to include in them, and how to implement them.
16 June 2021
National Youth day Friends Jumping

Youth Day: Social Media Safety

In celebration of National Youth Day Farosian is sharing some tips on how to use social media safely.
28 June 2021
LGBTQIA+ Pride Day Hands

How to Create a more LGBTQI+ Inclusive Workplace

“Diversity is having a seat at the table. Inclusion is having a voice and having that voice be heard.” – Kadai Tubman, Nielsen.