Farosian Social Media Literacy Training

Social Media Literacy Training Course

Good or bad, social media is here to stay, and it serves you to have all the facts.  Equip your employees with the skills to proactively protect your company image, as well as their own personal and professional reputations.

Our programme has been designed to educate employees around the risks and benefits of social media. Facilitated by our bespoke learner management system, which not only simplifies online learning and assessments but also allows you to track your training results in real time.

Our Learner Management System interface is super intuitive, ensuring the most time and cost-effective solution for your team.

Time and again our clients praise the Learner Management System for being user-friendly, and our latest release has been completely modernised to include a new intuitive interface. This update allows learners to access their learning material from any device (be it a computer, tablet or mobile phone), at any time from across the globe.

Farosian offers a FREE internal audit of your company which is tailored to your unique requirements. We will conduct a social media-centric SWOT analysis covering your companies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This provides you with the information to make informed decisions regarding risk mitigation.

Training Outcomes:

Feel confident in the knowledge that after completing our program your employees will be fully-versed in the following areas:

  • Understanding the consequences of poor social media etiquette
  • Understanding how to proactively manage personal social media accounts
  • Understanding how social media reached this point, and where it’s headed in the future
  • Understanding the legalities involved in social media
  • Learning and understanding how identity theft occurs through social and digital media
  • Understanding the impact on your professional life
  • Understanding the difference between freedom of speech and hate speech

This all has numerous benefits for businesses, some of which include risk mitigation, identifying positive brand ambassadors, creating a more considerate and connected company culture, and essentially creating a workforce which is educated and up-skilled in some of the most important skills of the 21st century.

Learner Features:

The core focus of our Farosian Training Programme is to enable positive social media conduct and behaviour through ongoing interactive eLearning. We are able to customise the programme’s content to suit every business’s unique requirements.
Learner features include:
  • Web 2.0 Functions Including Wiki, Forum, Project Manager, Chat & FAQs
  • Messaging System To Communicate With Students
  • Competence Report System
  • Download and Print PDF Certificates

Reporting Features:

Our bespoke programme allows for detailed reports to assist with the eLearning process, and make it as seamless as possible. Here’s a glimpse of the reporting features:
  • Student Results Report: Result On Start Assessment, Post Assessment, And Final Course Score
  • Student Progress Report: Track Which Modules Students Have Completed And Which Are Still Outstanding
  • Student Delay Analysis
  • All Reports May Be Exported To A Third-Party System (HR Software or Other)
  • Survey Results Report
  • Aggregated Report For Organization Tree
  • Automatic Report Schedule And Sending
Farosian Social Media Literacy Training Certificate of Completion

Administrator Features:

Our Learner Management System provides administrators with various access and tools to assist with the administration of the programme. Stand-out admin features include:
  • Newsletter Facilitation & Sending
  • Password Policy
  • Super And Sub-Administrator Role With Profiling System
  • Area Manager Supervision
  • Classroom Activity Management And Monitoring
  • Competences Management And Gap Analysis
  • Ability To Group Students
  • Automatic Course Subscription Based On Company Role, Group Or Tree Position

Frequently Asked Questions:

1Will my web browser support the eLearning software?

Our system is multi-browser compliant and does not require plugins

2As an administrator, how can I manage my team’s progress during the course?

All registered administrators may have access to manage and monitor their team’s classroom activity. Administrators are also provided with competence and gap analysis to assist your team where they may need it.

3How can I access and track my team’s course results?

Full reports are available for download and may be exported to a third-party system, which includes HR software.

4How do I know if this course is right for my team?

Get in touch with us now to book a free internal audit. This helps identify strengths and weaknesses within an organisation to mitigate risk.